Privacy Policy

The London Musings respects the privacy of its readers and recognises the importance of protecting their personal data. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you of the information we may collect and how it may be used.

Information Collected

1.) Information Submitted to the Editorial Website

The London Musings might collect the address and your e-mail address that you may voluntarily submit to the website. The provision of this information is necessary in order to contact the team. This may include competition submissions from the editorial website. We may collect your first name, surname, address and email address in the event of an online competition. If the competition is organised by a third party company, The London Musings will communicate with the winner and will only share his or her information with the trusted third party company.

2.) Automatically Collected Information

The London Musings site automatically collects certain information about you and the device you use to access the website, including your IP address, internet browser, operating system, dates / times and links clicked (to or from the site).

3.) Cookies

The London Musings may collect information using cookies (small files stored on your browser), in order to provide you with a more efficient and personalised browsing experience. Please note, you can stop the utilisation of cookies in the settings of your device at any time.

Use of Collected Information

1.) Information Storage

The London Musings is wholly committed to keeping your personal data safe and secure from unauthorised access. Except when required by law, we will never sell, distribute, or reveal your email addresses or other personal information without your consent.

2.) Use of Information

  • To make the website more efficient, for example, deciding to post more content with a certain theme, if we can see it is increasingly popular with our online readers.

  • To respond to any enquiries that are sent to us via the contact page or comments section on the website.

  • To send you notification or confirmation emails.

  • To investigate and deter unauthorised or illegal activity.

3.) Changes to The Privacy Policy

In the event that The London Musings makes changes to the privacy policy, such updates will be announced at the top of the website’s homepage in a black and white announcement bar.

4.) Contact Information

At any time, please contact the owner at for questions related to this Privacy Policy.

5.) Advertising FAQs

  • We do not use Google AdWords, we do not accept display advertising and we do not send out newsletters.

  • The reader will always know if the editorial content has been written in exchange for gifted items or services. The same applies for paid advertorial content.

Last Updated: 21st September, 2019